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日本 旅遊會話一指搞定

Developer: bitartist

Tongue-tied tourists?Get "Point and Learn Japan Travel Conversation" for your trip.It's an travel phrase applicationfor Taiwanese Mandarin.Features:Easy-to-use on your trip:You can find expressions and words whenever you need.Just touch the icon.It's ready for use in a minute.
Perform comfortably:You can flick and shake.See light and smooth move.It's user-friendly interface.
Useful travel-related phrase:You can find exact expressions.Zooms each phrase and point the screen to show it.It supports landscape mode.
Shake to play voice files:You can "speak" in Japaneseby shaking or tapping the screen.You can shake to play only phrase files.
Picture worbtdbook (with voice):You can listen to the pronunciation of the word.Tap the word to play it.Enjoy scrolling and playing at the same time.